The heating principle of hair straighteners

Wed Jan 04 18:26:16 CST 2023

Hair straighteners usually use a heating element to raise the temperature of the working surface, which accelerates the change in the molecular structure of the hair's keratin proteins, thus creating a new shape. The heating element usually uses a positive temperature coefficient thermistor PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient Resistor). PTC has unique electrothermal physical properties: when an AC voltage is applied to the PTC element for heating, its resistivity is very low below the Curie temperature, and when the resistivity increases suddenly above the Curie temperature, the current drops to a stable value to automatically control the temperature and thermostat function.

Hair straighteners

At the same time, the market also has a variety of hair straightener types, most of them are larger, need to plug directly into the preheating style, such as travel out, it is very inconvenient to carry, but also can not guarantee that the socket can be used at any time, and small size, fast preheating, easy to carry and use of rechargeable portable hair straightener to the market has brought a new breakthrough, Bidisco's latest portable hair straightener solution The use of advanced technology, ultra-low standby power consumption, very high integration, greatly reducing the size of the product, making the straightener more compact and lightweight.

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